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                      • Hangzhou Hefengyuan Health Food Co.,Ltd
                      • Add: Hengcun Industrial Zone,Tonglu,Hangzhou,Zhejiang,China Eric Chen
                      • Tel: +86-571-85126498
                      • Mobile: 86-13306501279
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                      Hangzhou Hefengyuan Health Food Co.,Ltd in December 2006 with a registered capital of 10 million. The company has storage capacity of 200 tons of royal jelly, a special cold storage, 2000 square meters 100 000 clean room; and equipped with freeze-dried, Fresh Royal Jelly export production line. Company plant a beautiful environment, facilities, layout reasonable, is a research and development, production, processing and sales of bee export-oriented processing enterprises.

                      Company in 2007 by the QS certification; 2008 by the food safety management system (HACCP) certification.

                      In March 2008, the company received the title of leading agricultural enterprises in Hangzhou, April 2008, was the title of high-tech enterprises in Hangzhou. December 2008, was awarded the title of scientific and technological enterprises, Zhejiang Province, May 2009, Hangzhou, technological innovation was awarded "Top Ten" start-ups. 2010, Hangzhou, the company was awarded the title of leading enterprises of modern agricultural science and technology, royal jelly, Zhejiang Province, has been identified as pollution-free agricultural products.

                      Our main products are Fresh Royal Jelly, Royal Jelly freeze-dried powder, water soluble freeze-dried powder, freeze-dried powder bee child, male pupae freeze-dried powder, honey, bee pollen, propolis and other 20 kinds of natural health products. Products are mainly exported to Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and the European Union, the United States and other countries and regions.


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